MyMobileCE was created as a platform to allow hospitals manage the continuation education requirements for its nurses.

YOUniversal created a complete, end to end solution from scratch.  Every aspect of the project was designed and programmed by our team.  The system was created with the ability to serve an unlimited number of hospitals.  Each client could create individualized content and testing.  This included creating custom study materials, examinations, and completion certificates.

This may be the most challenging project we have been hired to work on, check  With each battle won there seemed to be a new war just starting.  As a result, we became a much stronger, much smarter company.

We’re grateful to the Belo Company for allowing us to partner with them on this and many other projects.

A.H. Belo Corporation
Web, iOS, Android
Services & Technologies
Programming, Project Management, Server Management, Objective C, Android, PHP, API Integrations

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