QuikPass QuikPass is an extremely flexible, powerful platform for event transaction management. It's robust and scalable to fit the needs of any sized event.  It's been proven to be so and has successfully managed hundreds of thousands of transactions. No event is too small or large for us. Reach out and find out how we might… Read More


QuikTickets QuikTickets is a platform that allows for customers to sell event tickets online.  It was created as a complimentary service for QuikPass and QuikPark. Created in 2015, the platform has already served several thousands of transactions.  Clients can list events with details, images, videos etc...  and then utilize handheld devices to validate tickets.  A customized… Read More


SquibWorks SquibWorks was created as an easy way to serve advertisements to websites and mobile devices.  Since it's inception in 2008, the platform has undergone several updates.  Today the platform is serving approximately 200,000 impressions a month on a variety of sites and applications. SquibWorks can be added easily and quickly.  If you're looking to… Read More

Carpe Diem Works

Carpe Diem Works Carpe Diem Records was created in 1989.  The Dallas-based independent record label was up and running until 2000 and has not had a web presence since then.  That's about to change.  We're slowly working on completing the new website and along with that, a new logo and name. Check back in a bit to… Read More


Clutch Clutch will be an online marketplace for individuals, custom shops, and retailers of motorcycles to sell, buy and learn about custom and vintage motorcycles. Clutch is founded on the principle that buying and selling motorcycles and gear should be fun, easy and affordable. We're working fast to get this project launched.  Check back soon… Read More

vVv Moto

vVv Moto vVv Moto is a custom motorcycle builder that focuses on restoring and customizing 1970's Japanese motorcycles.  Primarily Honda's Created in 2015, the company has built and sold a few motorcycles already by word of mouth.  The website will help expand their audience and should be up and running soon. Year 2015 Platform Web… Read More


QuikPark QuikPark began as a spinoff of another parking related venture YOUniversal co-founded.  The platform is the single most used product we've created.  QuikPark was the backbone for the parking management of a major arena and is responsible for handling over 1,000,000 transactions within it's first 6 months of usage.  The platform withstood some of… Read More


2cents.com 2cents.com was a site dedicated to providing an online, visual platform for thinkers. Users could login, click a button to open a camera and record an opinion.  Other users could reply to build a visual thread for the topic. The site was beautiful and well executed.  Unfortunately, we quickly learned a sad fact: nobody… Read More

Toro Metals

Toro Metals Toro Metals was an online retailer of gold and silver products, from bars to rounds to coins.  Toro delt exclusively in physical bullion, selling gold or silver acquired through a local bullion wholesaler. The razor thin margins and intense competition proved to be too much for the viability of this concept.  Event still,… Read More

Rock and Roll Apps

Rock and Roll Apps Rock and Roll Apps is a platform for musicians, music venues and radio DJ's.  Bands can affordably and easily have their own iOS and Android app for a low monthly cost.  Features include the ability to stream music, list discography, list upcoming events, in app chat capability, display press releases and… Read More