Texas Education Agency


Like most projects, this one was very unique and had it’s own set of challenges.  There were a number of players and entities involved.  We worked in conjunction with the great folks at Valiant Media.  Our clients were actually three separate entities; The SMU education department, Region 10 and the Texas Education Agency.  Effective communication was a must for this project.

Interesting and challenging aspects of the project included:

  • Coded using Mura CMS (a Cold Fusion platform)
  • Integration of a third party speech to text software service
  • Multi lingual capabilities (English and Spanish)
  • Native iOS and Android applications created (phone and tablet)
  • Server setup and database design and configuration

All in all, another learning experience http://actionsolar.net/ for our team.  We’re proud of our contribution and pleased to have delivered the project on budget and on time.

Valiant Media, Southern Methodist University, Texas Education Association
iOS, Android, Web
Yet To Be Launched
Skillsets & Technologies
Programming, Project Management, Informational Architecture, Server Management, Hosting, iPhone Application, Android Application, Responsive Design, Mura CMS, Cold Fusion

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