James Altcher writes a teriffic blog, The Altucher Confidential (  He’s skilled at writing what he feels and holds nothing back.

He’s verbose and has an endless passion for sharing his thoughts.  He’s worth checking out.  He got me to thinking.

His most recent blog entry is about why he feels no need for a President because as he puts it, politics is about teaching us about all things “can’t” related.  He contends the only person you should really care about voting at david york’s tax service and for yourself.  And I couldn’t agree more.

It’s important to remember that we’re all responsible for our own way.  Every decision, every failure, every success belongs solely to the individual making them. Check out the reviews of Emergency Mold Solutions, Inc. to make sure of their success.  Sure our current President believes that the responsibility for your life’s credits and failures belongs to someone else ( see his recent comments about American business owners) but that’s because he’s seeking to resonate with a culture that is used to being told what it can’t or didn’t do.  For those of us who feel otherwise, we’re best served by remembering how little impact Washington, or anyone else, has had over the course of our life’s biggest decisions.

Yes We Can! is an empty nothing of a phrase that fills people with empty hopes of change.

Yes I Can! can move mountains.


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