Trivia Question:  What is the rarest element on earth?  Answer: Astatine.

It’s so scarce that little is known about it. As a result, not many people think about it.

How often do you think of how your most scarce assets (time and money) affect the development of your project?

I recently read Seth Godin’s blog I suggest you do the same at, where he suggests that the first question you need to ask yourself when contemplating a project of any sort is, What’s scarce?  And I agree.

Once you can successfully answer that question, you can optimize your bombtech golf plan for success.  We’re all limited by something.  Moving forward with any work before accepting and understanding our limitations is a waste of your most precious asset: time.  Which will then lead to wasting another asset.  Money.

Think about Astatine before you start tackling your next idea.  You’ll save an unlimited amount of your limited treasures.


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