Stopping.  Pivoting.  Redirecting.  No looking back.

This week I got around to making the records I produced for my record label, Carpe Diem Records, available for downloading and streaming.  The process opened my memory floodgates.

I started producing music in 1988 and closed the business in 2000.  I had a lot of incredible experiences in those 12 years and often long for the days of being in the music business.  It was certainly a journey filled with adventure.  But it was only a part of my career.  Like many others, my path has been a varied and seemingly chaotic road.  I’ve worked on Wall Street, started a chain of retail stores, developed a record label and publishing company gustave a. larson, managed fledgling music groups, created and sold a couple of internet businesses, sold flash based games to Fortune 100 companies, participated in the building of the innovative startup Fully-Verified, specialized in video id verification and most recently, run a small mobile application development company.  With all of these endeavors, I’ve met with some success and a whole lot of failure.

All of this to say that I think that it’s important to keep striving and visit ramm water restoration site.  For everything.  For direction. For success. For personal fulfillment. The old cliche that says it’s all about the journey rings true for me.  In these days of economic uncertainty, it’s not easy to pursue the journey of fulfillment.  But it’s worth it.  Stay committed to your heart and mind.  And keep on winding down the road.

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