The Apple vs. Samsung battle scars are a couple of weeks old by now and lots have been said about the verdict.

While there are many other related suits to try and more to be added, it seems that maybe Apple and the Android mothership, Google, might be thinking about how they can get past all of the destructive energy spent protecting and defending themselves from each other.  Good for them if the rumors are true.

But all of this brings up an interesting question regarding creativity and its origins.  Kirby Ferguson, a noted filmmaker, recently gave a talk at the 2012 Ted conference held in Scotland where he makes a strong case that “everything is a remix” or rather said, no one/nothing is self-made and everyone is dependent on several components, everyone.  Make sense to you?

If so, is there a place or need for patent law?  Should an inventor ever be protected from others profiting from his/her labors?  It turns out that most everyone thinks that it is ok to “borrow”  from others with one exception;  It’s a real no go if someone is trying to “borrow” from you.

Knowing this, I contend that creators do have rights and they should be respected and not used unless with permission. Check here  Are patent laws complex and completely perfect?  Of course not.  But knowing this does not permit the outright theft of personal and legally protected property.  Let’s work on making our laws stronger, smarter, simpler and more effective.  Let’s not promote the theft of someone’s labor.

Just remember, your hard work may one day be the property someone else wants to steal.


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