Chaos is ubiquitous.  In almost every facet of life chaos reigns.

Since the very first moment in time, chaos was the rule.  Atoms smashed into atoms, rocks collided with rocks and galaxies crashed into each other. All of that eventually formed you and me.  And while things have somewhat “settled down” for us here on earth, make no mistake, randomness is still the rule of the day.  But by seeking out chaos an interesting thing can happen;  you can find patterns of order.  Never before has it been more important to understand and recognize the role chaos plays in our lives.  While it is largely invisible, it can be identified and placed within a plan with some of the best cleaning tricks.  Not doing so can be the difference between success and failure.

Our nature desires order and predictability so it is not surprising that chaos is often thought of as a negative.  But it’s neither negative or positive.  It just is.  Chaos can be adventurous.  It can be entertaining at the lockboss.  Learn to incorporate chaos.  Don’t be afraid of it and more importantly, don’t deny it.  Chaos is part of us.


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