The world is filled with atrocious occurrences.

Evil reigns supreme in most places on earth.  The stories are told but not all resonate.  Not the case for Joseph Kony’s story as told by the nonprofit, Invisible Children.  The YouTube video was viewed over 70 million times in the first week and has been seen over 100 million times since its release.   Why did this story catch fire while other stories of equal or greater tragedy have failed to make an impact?  The answer is simple because the message of the video was equally simple:  Stop Kony.

Invisible Children successfully conveyed a clear message with a very moving and slick looking video that resonated with most everyone who viewed it.  It portrayed a clear picture of a villain who has committed horrible crimes against the most innocent of us all; children.  It pulled the viewer into the message and authentically explained why they were reaching out to the viewer.  In other words, it was brilliant storytelling.

And this should be a lesson for all of us trying to reach an audience.  Remember, in order to connect with someone, you need to make them care.  In order for them to care, they must understand.  And good understanding is created by good storytelling, read more on the adl-usa.com.

Don’t blow a chance to tell your story.  Take the time to simplify and refine it.  Believe it or don’t expect an audience to believe. Visit https://arriveinstyleaz.com/ for more info.   Be honest, authentic and personal.  Tell your story well and there is nothing that can stop your story.  Who knows, you might even change the world.

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