Caring makes good sense and cents.

Recently I read a blog that discussed the lack of care that most large company call representatives have for their callers.  It got me to thinking that while the core of customer service starts and ends with caring for the customer, most companies fail miserably at this obligation.  And it seems that the larger the company, the greater the failure.  Opportunity alert for small business!

The implications of uninterested company representatives should not be underestimated.  Not only that but with a little bit of compassion and attention, the small business can use this as a giant sword against it’s Goliath competitors.  Small business’ are much better suited to care like MaidThis® Franchise because the point of a customer’s pain is not trapped in levels of management.  Usually, with very little effort and a few differences, a customer can reach the top of a small business’ organization.  In some cases, they can even start their conversation at the top.  Sure this means time and sometimes having to endure pain but it will always outweigh the option of having fewer and unhappier customers.

David was given a lot of incentive to challenge Goliath and he used his smarts and love of family to defeat the giant.  You can too.  But you have to start by caring.

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