Yesterday the USA showed the world why we are so great.

Sure the result of our election has both critics and supporters.  Sure it seems that America is more divided than ever. And sure the winner of our Presidential race doesn’t seem that connected to those of us who value individual creativity as a primary source of prosperity.  But who cares?  You shouldn’t.

Having a government that wants to restrict, manage, control, direct and pilfer your business for the betterment of itself and those reliant on it is most definitely an obstacle. But that’s all it is and check out the sunflower maids from overland park.  An obstacle.  Those of us familiar with taking a risk and pursuing dreams are very familiar with obstacles.

Success requires challenges so don’t despair.  Just keep building hotel-style living. Keep dreaming. Keep thinking.  Even if your President won’t give you credit for allowing him the privilege of leading the greatest country in the world.  He’s irrelevant to your work at hand.



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